Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ignoring change is not success, it is failure (#2059)

For those who refuse to accept that change is reality, I offer my condolences. It seems you are more content to live in a fantasy world than a real one. What you will be missing is the excitement that comes with new discovery, which by the way is change. Anything that is new is change and by the way, look in the mirror and tell me you haven't changed since last year. If you are afraid of change because you don't understand it then welcome to everyone else's dilemma. The difference though is that those of us who are naturally cautious of what we don't know yet is that despite our fear, we progress forward anyway. We must remember that all of our lives have been predicated upon moving forward into whatever our present allows us. Our future is still the great unknown and yet some will stop short of their journey out of some sense of fatigue or loss of adventurous spirit. Much like a tree, some will plant their roots in one spot and refuse to move. Yet trees change regardless of their lack of mobility. There is no escaping change in our lives, no matter how hard we try to keep the past as our present. Our whole existence, our lives, our environment even our thinking is in a constant state of change. I look at change this way, if I am part of it then I want to be one who molds my future within the change that will inevitably happen. I must remain aware and up to date on information as it exposes itself. I cannot sit back and let change happen all around me without effecting my effort on it's behalf. Ignoring change is a strategy that has no rate of success. It only delays a forced change that some must make much after the fact when they could have prepared for the type of change they desired instead of the type of change thrust upon them. Be a part of life and help us mold our futures together.

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