Saturday, September 13, 2014

Republican disdain for a secular democracy (#2052)

Never in my life have I been able to so clearly see the Republican party's agenda of denying equality based upon their perceived biases. Their utter lack of respect for anyone who doesn't live up to their idea of a protestant work ethic is not only contemptible at best and hateful at worst but their own hypocrisy for not living up to that very same protestant work ethic standard is obvious for all to see. In short, they expose the the old saw of "do as I say, not as I do". Republicans contemplate an illusion that their success has come from their scrupulous adherence to hard work and their sole ambition to succeed. Republicans see themselves as the type that "pull themselves up by their bootstraps" without any built in advantages or privileges. They expect the same from everyone else despite and regardless of any disadvantage anyone else must endure. I am so clearly frustrated with the politics of Republicans that discount the real world realities of fellow citizens that don't "measure up" to their perceived expectations. Objective knowledge is the key to our society progressing into a brighter future yet Republicans are dismantling our secular education to favor a more "Christian utopian society". How are we to grow as a society if our basis for understanding is grounded in the contradictions of faith, instead of the proofs of science and logic? The Republican motive for such biblical leanings is the inherent power that comes with control. It isn't so much that the example of the good Samaritan is their guide, it is more the patronage they receive for their benevolence to the unwashed masses. Republicans have turned their back on democratic principles such as equality, fairness and justice in order to "herd" we American citizens toward a future that resembles our past. What Republicans don't get is that the past was part of our growing pains and going back to that is not acceptable to anyone who wishes to continue growing as a person.

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