Friday, October 24, 2014

It is time for the American citizen to be represented (#2093)

Our national election is in 11 days and early voting and absentee balloting has already begun. Our nation has been stuck for the last 4 years with an opposition party, Republicans, obstructing just about every program and policy our Democrat president and senate has offered. The majority of Americans elected our president twice now on his vision for our country yet the Republicans are not about allowing the majority will to have it's say. Instead Republicans are doing everything in their poser from keeping our nation from advancing and improving by sabotaging legislation aimed at serving the American working/middle/poor class which has been lagging behind recovery efforts already being enjoyed by the wealthy. Since most in the American working/middle/poor class do not support Republican policies of austerity and wealth distribution to the upper 1%, Republicans instead of changing their policies to benefit the majority of Americans have decided to undermine and obstruct the American working/middle/poor class by deliberate attempts to destroy unions, deliberate attempts to reduce government social programs, deliberate attempts to deny a livable minimum wage to our economy. deny voting rights to the poor whom they see as only democrat voters. These are just a few of the intentional practices Republicans have strategically employed to diminish electoral opposition to their goal of controlling our political landscape. They are successful at it by controlling the House of Representatives where the money is allocated for most all laws on the books. They do it through court decisions made by our Supreme Court which currently is a Republican conservative majority and partisan about it. They do it by calling corporations people and money speech thus allowing unlimited cash to flood the airwaves with distorted and confusing attack ads from the wealthy who can afford it. We need a change from all this and in 11 days our nation can vote to not only maintain the senate for Democrats but vote out enough Republicans to give Democrats the minimum 1 seat majority it needs to take the House back from Republicans. let's get this done Americans!

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