Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Seeing the bigger picture (#2077)

Instead of railing at people who have little knowledge and continue to display unenlightened thought and actions, rail at an education system that failed them along the way. Instead of railing at people who are unemployed and in need of assistance, rail at the politicians who will do nothing to help create jobs. Instead of railing at people who are impoverished and overweight, rail the lack of options for healthy living standards and healthy affordable dietary options. Most of us seem to miss the point on the cause and effect principle. Quit harping on the effect of bad policies or no policies and start working to change bad policy and no policy into good and effective policy. We have politicians who are supposed to be our leaders in devising policies that actually benefit us to strengthen our lives and opportunities, not to keep our lives in despair and futility. An ideology is only as good as what it can provide as it's purpose. If the ideology has only limited benefit, and that benefit is focused solely on those who need it the least then it is time to dismiss the ideology in support of a better ideology that is all inclusive. None of us deserves any less representation than another so if politicians are inclined to segregate our representation based upon factors such as wealth and privilege we must resist them with all we have in order to support politicians who are equal, fair and just in their motive. We can only move forward in our society if we begin to treat each other with respect. An alternative being forwarded by Republicans seems to think that a survival of the fittest paradigm, where power and selfishness are considered values, should control how our society operates. A gleaning of the masses in order to dismiss social programs. I am being subtle in my representation of the effect of such a paradigm, but be assured a brutish and cruel future is it's outcome. It is time for an end to this type of thinking and action so that our society may again start to lift up our citizenry with greater opportunities for all of us to live our lives honoring and respecting each other.

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