Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vote for your future not your fears (#2098)

It is the time for voting and we must be clear about what we want for our society. Do we want a society that respects and supports each other or do we want a society that only cares about survival of the fittest. Americans are at a crossroads it seems and only our elections will tell us which path we follow. It seems rather unenlightened that these two choices are even up for consideration. Any enlightened person would see that for a society to function in the most efficiently beneficial way for all of it's citizens, respect and opportunity for all would have to be at it's foundation. I have been under the impression all my life that the vast majority of we Americans are an enlightened country. Yet that we are in serious doubt as to whether our country will continue to embrace modernity is a seismic shift in my thinking. A given in my mind is now in jeopardy of becoming just a memory. I am in a state of re-evaluation as to my understanding of our collective conscious. An examination of our collective intelligence, what I thought was common, is now showing itself to be the exception, not the rule. I have aspired for the majority of my life to become more informed and comprehensive in my logical reasoning/analysis and conclusions for the sake of helping our country hold onto it's standing as an intelligent society. What I am currently seeing around me though belies my previous efforts it appears. This election will go a long way toward shaping my new found disappointment in our collective intelligence and although I remain hopeful, I am wearied by the hard work necessary just to keep even, notwithstanding moving forward. I will remain hopeful but a cynical thread has been sown and my calculations about our nation being the vanguard of enlightenment has definitely taken a hit.

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