Sunday, November 23, 2014

Community and capitalism (#2123)

There must be a mix of both for our great nation to succeed in not only providing for our citizenry but for elevating us above the past. We are a nation of change and to stay the same or go back to the days when we struggled to get where we are now is highly illogical. Yet it is what we are doing here in America. We as a nation seem unable to stop capitalistic forces that have us on a path of self destruction. How you may ask? Simply by diminishing our community care to favor wealth. There must always remain an equal balance between the two if we are to enlighten our selves and serve to enlighten the rest of the world. What is happening now is that other countries have seen our downfall from being disciplined in caring for our citizenry and they have started to replace us as a shining beacon of democracy. Our country has turned a hard right into plutocratic politics that has at it's heart a misguided notion that wealth is the answer to a secure and enlightened civilized society. Our currency used to have a modicum of care attached to it but now it has the feel of a cold dead lie. The pride we Americans took in our ability to rise to any worldly challenge is now less than a whimper when to comes to our own rotting challenges. The care has left and all that is left is the greed. A sad resemblance of the bright future many of us envisioned. We continue to fail our children in educational responsibilities by under funding our primary and secondary schools while raising the costs on our graduate and post graduate higher learning. It is inevitable that the overall national intelligence scores will drop and more and more of our less fortunate students will be clueless about basic and fundamental facts. We all share in the blame for this but not all of us care whether we are to blame or not. That must change and when it does we then can all move forward by returning the community back into our currently eroding democracy.

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