Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Faulty logic, an acceptable compromise (#2118)

Otherwise similar to cognitive dissonance: "the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially relating  to behavioral decisions and attitude change."-Google. In plain terms, much like continuing to smoke when we know it is slowly killing us. Our desire is greater than our wisdom. So why do we elevate something we know is wrong above common sense and wisdom? I have seen many different reasons but clearly it is a form of harm that we find acceptable over not doing harm. I will surmise that it is a way of thinking that gives us some control over our own personal belief in right and wrong. As if we are not beholden to right or wrong in a logical way. A sort of god like power. Where dignity and self respect are lesser values. How did we lose our way? Are we just cynical because others have shown the way to use faulty logic as a tool to gain power and wealth? The more we accept illogical reasoning as our guide, the more we accept the destruction of logic as the reasoning for our actions. Our ho hum attitude about being held responsible to our actions stems from no clear principled foundation. Too many of us are still vicious in our attitudes about community and the power of the many over the power over the few or the one. Examples are abundant in what we can do as an entire nation. Yet we seem to forget great national sacrifices like the one shown most recently through our actions in World War II. No one person or some small cabal of capitalists could have swayed the horror being perpetrated by the Axis powers. We had to do that as a whole community, coming together as a common ally against a common foe. Had we not, the possibilities of that horror would still be with us. We have lost our way emotionally and logically and the only hope for our nation is that we find our way back. There are examples of nations understanding that their greatest asset is their entire citizenry, all of them, clearly using logic without compromising it.

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