Saturday, November 22, 2014

How long can you remain embarrassed? (#2122)

We have allowed America to become a laughingstock to the rest of the world by electing backward thinking Republican politicians to public office. Republicans are all about taking what is good and right about America and turning us into a backward ruthless society. Let me explain, first they have been allowing the flooding of money into our elections so that only those who support the wealthiest of the wealthy have a good chance to get elected. Second, they have restricted voting for all American citizens who cannot afford or who cannot get a Republican designated "proper identification" regardless of our previous voting history. Third, Republicans are in lockstep to dismantle our public social safety net programs as well as our public, self sustaining, retirement benefits. Fourth, they are decertifying collective bargaining for rights and wages for the middle class further eroding the quality of life most Americans enjoy through the previous struggles workers rights groups had achieved. Fifth, they are continuing to advocate for income inequality to benefit the wealthy as the middle class continues to lose buying power. Sixth, Republicans continue to exploit equality laws aimed at equal opportunity for all Americans to only help those they deem more desirable than "others". Seventh, Republicans desire to shoot first and then ask questions later as a foreign policy standard. They think that might is always right and no amount of logic will convince them otherwise. Eighth, Republicans believe that only Christianity is allowed as a religion and that other religions, atheism and secularism are character flaws worthy of being, metaphorically and not, being beaten out of the offending citizen in the name of God. This is my country of origin and I will continue to fight against the Republicans who have so bamboozled too many of us into their dangerously harmful philosophy.

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