Thursday, November 6, 2014

If not here then somewhere else (#2106)

I am not rooted to the ground in any way. If where I am is not agreeable then I must move on. This goes for relationships and geography. I live by a set of standards that make me who I am and if I cannot be around like minded souls then I am constantly at friction with myself. Life is a short term experience and any wanted time being in less than acceptable circumstances is time lost forever. I don't have fond memories of the times when I struggled to fit into a relationship or community where I was more at odds with it than in agreement. I have settled many places in my life and resettling is not a fear I concern myself with. Starting over from scratch is more like and adventure than a chore. Especially if I can find a relationship or geographical location more suited to who and what I represent. The beauty of who I am is that I want so bad to do right and good by folks, but I cannot do that if the folks I am with or surrounded by are not interested in the same values I am. There comes a time when the outreach to others is not working and a realization must come into the factoring of it's continuance. Not a matter of quitting, more a matter of better serving what I have to offer with someone else or somewhere else. I have a lot of thinking to do in the next undefined amount of time to consider where my life is best lived, either here in my home country or somewhere new that has a greater concern for all life. I am who I am and that is what I need. A sense of belonging amongst those who are truly seeking to improve our world, not just use it for greed and power. I know I am frustrated and a bit down right now given my realization that my country is not in tune with enlightenment. The frustration of that knowing will subside quickly but the realization will remain and thus my take on what the future may hold for me. Life is too short to grow roots where those roots don't have a chance to produce.

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