Monday, November 17, 2014

My longing to explore outer space (#2117)

My life will be lived much too much unfulfilled. I had hoped with our Moon landing in 1969 that a new era of space exploration would dominate the future of our society. I have been wholly disappointed in that our policies do not reflect that. Instead our policies reflect getting more bunkered in with staying on Earth with only minimal direction aimed toward the Universe. It is a sad thing that our country that prides itself on courage and boldness would have taken such a turn toward selfishness and timidity. We were at the threshold of a new era in our civilization and our citizenry would have been wisely utilized to be a part of it. We could have made education our number one priority and educated ourselves into innovation and creativity like nothing else in history. We would have been the vanguard of the future. We should be colonizing everywhere in our solar system at this point. I know our technology right now is not where it needs to be but that is, in my opinion, due to 45 years of neglect in instituting a manifest destiny outside our planet. Once again I will state the obvious about our human nature. We are compassionate and curious as a rule. We are also a sensory being. With the capacity to see, hear, feel, smell and taste as means for acquiring information. We also are biological processors that have the ability to reason, analyze and conclude with an amazing memory storage capacity. Yes, I am talking about a human being, not just a machine. We have the intuition, gut feeling and common sense to not only make the most of the information we gather but to ameliorate it into actual action. Why we are not using our abilities to understand our surrounding outer space is a tragedy to not only our nationality but to intelligence everywhere.

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