Friday, November 14, 2014

Taming the inner beast (#2114)

We all know who we are inside us that no one else knows. Yet those traits, thoughts and or desires are not what define us. Remember, we are from the animal kingdom but through sheer force of will we have evolved into a being that can choose how to think and act. We are not confined by our limitations, instead we are stubborn about overcoming them. So when we doubt the validity of our inner self just know that we have yet offer the world our finished product. The trials and many errors we go through, self inflicted and more often inflicted by others, are just the bumps in the road of our life. They do not capture the essence of us when we are still and quiet in our own peace. What has happened to me in my life is not who I am, it is instead a road map of how I have endured an existence that had far too little care for me as well as care for everyone else. We were nurtured and inculcated into a world where the confusion and chaos of it left us scarred with unthinkable experiences. Yet, we endure and here we are. Not whole by any means but at least not in tatters. So letting the roar in our heads subside to allow us time to reflect that regardless of the road we took to get to this very moment, we are here and the future is what we can make of it. Starting right now if that is what is needed. I have had my epiphany years back and stopped time long enough to set a course for my life that is much more like who I am inside, not the wild man with a cavalier attitude toward others that I wreaked in my wake. I have tamed my inner beast and now I can proudly hold my head up when honor is discussed. I don't shirk away from noble principles, I seek them out.

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