Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The evil that men do (#2125)

This is not just some rhetorical statement. Some men and women who are in public positions of power have taken it upon themselves to contravene objective openness to favor subjective ulterior motives. Their intent is to do what they think is right regardless of the logic against it. Take the Michael Brown shooting case. My apologies to the family for using this example even as it is relevant and should be discussed. The police officer shot the young man multiple times over a dispute about little more than a traffic infraction. There is no doubt in anyone who has an objective mind that this case should have gone to trial and the facts exposed so that all could see, learn and understand an appropriate judicial decision. Regardless if he was found innocent or guilty, the sunshine provided by a court case would have gone a long way toward healing unresolved wounds. Instead what we got was a cover up by the prosecutor, not so much in the area of guilt or innocence but a cover up in how he proceeded with the Grand Jury. He used every advantage available to present the defendant's case in the best light for the defendant. Instead of treating the case like all cases should be treated he went out of his way to make sure the verdict had the best possible chance of coming out in favor of not indicting. The intent by the prosecutor is shameful and does no justice to the Brown family nor to American jurisprudence. The will of the prosecutor to alienate the community he serves for an agenda of justifying a most questionable killing is reprehensible and akin to evil. The prosecutor does not seem to care about the fallout that will follow and that effect to his community at large as long as he gets his way over the greater good. The evil that men do is clearly present here and for that our country once again becomes the laughingstock of the rest of the more civilized world while the Brown family and community of Ferguson, Missouri is left with another human killing of their democratic values.

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