Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The imperative necessity of voting (#2119)

I saw a news article yesterday about Indiana Governor Mike Pence saying that denying food stamps to his poorest constituents will "ennoble them". As if being poor is a choice. The problem with his thinking is that many of these poor folks who cannot go out and try to earn the money necessary to eat because there are no jobs available will be the ones who bear the most suffering from Pence's logic. How do these unfortunate ones who will now also be without food be ennobled? Again it comes down to voting for a leader who cares more about helping his constituents than hurting them. If we are not willing to muster the energy to do the one thing that can actually make our lives better, voting, then there is little hope nor anything I can do from here with my desire to make our world better. Do we always have to operate from a position of desperation before anything logical can get done? I feel for the poor folks in Indiana who may soon be without the floor of food stamps to help them stay nourished, for the poor folks in Texas, Florida and other states who are not now currently getting the expanded medicaid healthcare. But you folks had a chance to vote for politicians who were desperate in their own right to bring these possibilities to you. Yet you either ignored them by not voting or you voted for the ones who continue to deny you these life saving policies for some other unfathomable illogical reason. I know I am only a voice screaming out into the void for anyone to hear but it does wound me to see the majority of you ignoring your circumstances or actually voting to keep them on a reckless down hill slide. The inhumanity is obvious to me and yet not so much to those who could have caused a different outcome had they cared about themselves and others as much as I them.

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