Saturday, November 29, 2014

Time doesn't wait for anyone (#2129)

However I will spend the time to get things right. I am in no hurry to do something that is less than right. After all, what's the hurry? It seems that many times we come to the conclusion that if we don't get what we can in the moment we will be worse off. I say no. Settling for less and then having to spend time with the less is not worth the trade off. For me, it is better to have nothing than to have something less than what is right for me. Take relationships for instance, if I settle for one that is not in sync with my happiness, not only will my life be less than right but I will be a wrong in the life of the woman who agreed to be with me. We would both be out of sync because we couldn't practice enough patience to wait for what is right even if the right never happens. I have learned this lesson throughout my whole life. Not so much on my experiences but in the experiences of those around me. Even beyond relationships like occupation and financial considerations, making a choice based upon factors not in tune with what is right for me is worse than doing nothing. I won't settle my principles for an economic gain. It is like dirtying myself out of fear. I know I could be walking down the street with only the clothes on my back and I would be more than fine. I trust the instincts of my honor and how I will not compromise them for a price. It is a choice to live like someone who is above the cynical outlook of "well everyone else is doing it". The record of my life is not some great book that is being recorded for all to view, it instead is only for me to know. I want my mind and my example of living to have the best of intent attached to them, not the lesser. I know I won't be perfect in the living of my life but I will continue to be the good steward of it, not selling any part of it for any amount of perceived advantage. Life is too precious to me to waste time playing games that have nothing to do with my character.

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