Thursday, November 27, 2014

Trust your honor (#2127)

We all make mistakes. It is part of the process of learning and growing. Yet we can become wise even though we continue to make mistakes. Because we can master those earlier mistakes and stop them from happening even though we continue to learn and grow from new mistakes. It is how life is for everyone. From the most intelligent on down, we are prone to live a life that challenges us in ways that can never be fully anticipated and given our emotional component, we will always be challenged to some new heretofore personal complex consideration. But as time goes by we start to realize that making the same mistakes over and over is not necessary. We defeat these previously recycled mistakes by looking to our honor. Most all of us have honor within us that we can muster to the forefront of our consciousness as a guide for how to rise above lesser considerations, like greed, lust and self-gratification. Our minds allow us to consider possibilities that reflect the most noble of our intents through our own personal behavior. We can choose to do the right that we have learned through our own personal experiences with the trials and errors of our life journey. We don't have to be bound and entangled in what others expect us to do. Only we know what our own principles of honor tell us to do. We need to listen to that inner voice of ours that sees our heart for our world and not the chatter that wants our cynicism to kill what is most noble within us. Our lives belong to us but in our society we share a good part of ourselves with others so that we all can find a way to live a more purposeful existence. But what good does that existence do to anyone if all we are doing is following what others tell and coerce us to do? Most all of us are good honest human beings and trusting our own inner honor to live by is our first duty to ourselves.

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