Monday, November 24, 2014

Where is the will to a greater aspiration? (#2124)

Each and every one of us has a motivation inside us to think and do better than what we are actually living. How can we unlock that will to aspire within all of us as a simple process? I have wondered this too many times because for me it is natural to want to do better. It is instinctual as a rule for me so when I see others who care nothing for doing better it bothers me. I have a need to understand why something works within me and not in others. It isn't an all consuming need bordering on obsession, however it is important enough for it to be simmering on the metaphorical back burner of the stove that stirs and cooks my thoughts. Maybe my life experiences given their unique perspective unto me is part of the reason. Or maybe it is a misunderstanding of reality that separates our goals. It is all conjecture for me since I am the only one I can reasonably observe and understand as to why I do a thing or not. I cannot live and breathe inside any one else in order to know their truly deep justifications for why they do or don't do a thing. I would have thought that as a rule our species, which has sought to survive in a harsh environment over the millenniums for the purpose of tampering down the odds of our extinction, would embrace aspiration. We will not continue to tamper down the odds when we fail to change with what our knowledge and insight provides us. Staying in the status quo or even going backwards against the flow of reason and logic will not enhance our species' survival. In fact it will begin to increase the odds of our species' elimination. Why should we care? Ponder for a moment why we should care. The Universe without a human being in it is a Universe without a unique life force of extraordinary capabilities. If ever there was a life force capable of knowing the why of this existence it is we humans. To let that opportunity fail because we couldn't find a way to aspire toward it would truly be the greatest disappointment this Universe has ever experienced.

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