Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"Don't run from fear, I was taught to run at it."-Cameron Diaz (#2147)

It just so happened that I saw a clip of an interview with the actress Cameron Diaz yesterday and I saw her make this paraphrased statement. I would usually never have watched an entertainment interview but I was changing channels and then got distracted long enough for this part of the interview to air. I was struck by her insight, gained through her family teaching her this understanding. You would have thought that some war hero or mighty champion would have uttered the phrase. Cameron Diaz said her folks taught her that if you run from fear, that fear will catch you and jump on your back and crush you, but if you run at the fear you have a much better chance of defeating it. The implications of her comments go infinitely beyond her ability to overcome obstacles she has faced in her acting career. It is a noble time proven paradigm that knowing you are afraid and yet facing that fear and moving forward despite it applies to every situation and circumstance we find ourselves. I started this blog because in my being I know that we have two natures that are irrepressible, compassion and curiosity. We must as a living breathing human being allow these natures to guide our lives throughout our existence and when we let fear stop us from following these pure natures of ours we are less than human in our totality. Fear is a mindset of not knowing. If we know more about what fear scares us we becomes less fearful because we have moved toward understanding the fear. I have no doubt in my mind and soul whatsoever that the human species is the most remarkable amazing species that has ever existed. We have moved forward from our first fears of consciousness to a place where now not even the vast expanse of the Universe can contain our curiosity. Don't run from fear, run at it. Well said Cameron.

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