Saturday, December 27, 2014

Enough with the racism! (#2157)

Racism is only a means to instill fear. That is it's purpose. So those who use racism, whether overtly or with ulterior motive are employing a strategy to divide us in order to attain a hidden agenda. It is a ploy, a nefarious harmful ploy to distract us from what we share in common. Do not allow yourself to choose to believe that some races are better than others, We are none of us better, in ways different, but in more ways we are all the same. The only major difference we can see is the shading of our skin. That is it! So how does the melanin level our skin produces to protect us from ultraviolet light differentiate us as humans? It shouldn't! So any and all racist embracing is due to biases and prejudices created solely for the purpose of advantage and control. It is dastardly human behavior to subject individual human souls to less than equal with any other individual soul based upon melanin levels. Our bodies produce the melanin level to survive, a natural defense mechanism process. That our bodies can do this is proof that we are unique and therefore elegant proof that the whole of human species is exceptional. We all contribute to the amazing human experience and any attempts to subjugate or fetter ourselves based upon differences within our species is self defeating solely for the purpose of gaining advantage and privilege at the expense of others. Will our species continue to allow such behavior? For now it seems that we here in America will be less concerned with eliminating institutional racism and instead continue to promote policies that further strengthen institutional racism. It is clear enough in our lack of sufficient effort to raise living and educational standards and improve economic opportunities for our most vulnerable and historically impoverished citizenry while giving too much resource and service to the wealthiest in our society. This is so troubling and despicable that I cannot and will not respect any who turn a blind eye to finding an honorable solution.

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