Saturday, December 20, 2014

Everything lives from it's heart (#2150)

It doesn't matter what species of animal we are talking about, everything, lives from it's heart. We are not machines, that is the difference, we are biological beings that can understand survival and peace. often we are under self induced emotions like fear far too much but regardless, even fear comes from the chance we will lose what good our hearts reveal to us. I don't know why we have to make life so hard on ourselves. It is probably due to being born into systems that are so imperfect that we are unable to see the larger picture. Even when we do see the larger picture it overwhelms us with it's chaotic complexity. I would hope that eventually we would rise up and reorganize our society to reflect what is the best emotionally for us instead of what has us on edge fighting with each other. The Universe and it's mysteries are our common link to gather together and understand, not this constant illusion of difference that keeps us separated and leery. What may bother us the most, humans that is, is that if we don't have to look at what we do to the non human species then it justifies our treatment of shame to each other. We are the masters of this planet and how we treat other biological forms is the real test to how emotionally healthy our society really is. We are like children without a conscious when it comes to respecting all life here on our planet. We even go so far as to disrespect our planet and it's life nurturing and sustaining properties. Everything has it's limit and again, like spoiled children, we fail to recognize the signs because we continue to want without paying the true cost of our wanting. The Ostrich is emblematic of just how we treat problems that take us from our comfort zone. We generally bury our heads instead of facing our fears and realities. Our love for each other and our love for all biological species here on Earth should never take a back seat to our own ignorance nor cruelty. Everything lives form it's heart is how I see all life and with that a maturity about our nature should allow us all to grow up and start acting like the worthy masters of this planet.

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