Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Greed and selfishness, an American obsession (#2153)

Being greedy and selfish are not virtues. They are indicative of ignorance. Whether ignorance chosen or by default, ignorance regardless. I look around me and I see so much poverty yet too many chose not to look around themselves. Instead they chose to ignore reality and instead chase the illusion of commercialism and grandeur. I don't chase commercialism or grandeur yet I do buy things that I need. Not what I have to have from a fevered desire, but from a foundation of necessity in order to survive without great comfort attached. Because I do see the poverty around me and those who have little to nothing who are not living with much dignity or respect, have even less than me. It isn't their fault that our economy is rigged to make us into automatons in order to participate in it. It is our failing that our fellow citizens are not prepared to live in an artificial world we demand they live in. We cannot blame them for their plight. What we can do is stop being so greedy about how we share the resources of our society. There are takers and receivers in our society but it isn't the poor who are the takers, it is the wealthy. For they care less about others than they care about themselves and any and all resources they can get their hands on is just them doing what they see is right. There is only so much resource on our planet and when only a few control the majority of it then we all suffer for our lack of inclusion. Poverty is a symptom of a society that is out of balance with honorable principles. If there is one area that one could look at to see the health of a society it is in how we treat our less fortunate. Here in America it is clear that our health is in distress because greed and selfishness are not just cynical defaults but have become fashionable. We distress ourselves for the luxury of illusion when instead we should be experiencing our true natures of caring and curiosity.

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