Monday, December 1, 2014

My animal family (#2131)

One thing in the second act of my life has been consistent. Since the early nineties I have had either both, or separately a dog and a cat that has been my responsibility to care for. I have been single my whole life and except for a short time when I thought I was a father, have been childless. No marriage in my life as well. So the only lives that directly affected me were my animal children. I have a big heart so treating my animals any less than I would human children is unthinkable. I know, how can I equate these little furry friends of mine like real human beings? It is easy for me since they are more vulnerable than humans and need protecting and care just the same. Over their short lifetimes I have had to deal with some of their passing on and the pain and sorrow of their loss is just as strong as the pain and sorrow I feel for my family members who were close and have also passed on. Suffice it to say, my little animal children are a strong emotional attachment to me. I often sit and just reflect on the ones that have passed and it brings about a bittersweet feeling. I remember with fondness some of times we shared and the images in my mind that are recollected. I also remember the last moments of their lives and the pain that still scars me with. It has gotten better over time. I don't tear up like I did when they first left me. But that they had such an impact on my life is never worth hiding or discounting. I loved them for their being and for the loyalty and desire to be around me almost constantly. It means I was doing right by them and they were showing me their approval. I have my two little ones now who are no different than the ones before and I am humbled by their presence. They have had numerous chances to slip off and go out on their own but when I notice that and still find them close enough and looking at me I know deep down that they are where they want to be.

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