Friday, December 5, 2014

No excuses, we choose! (#2135)

If we are racist it is because we have chosen to be. If we are cruel it is because we have chosen to be. If we don't care about others who are suffering it is because we have chosen to not care. There is no way out of being responsible for our choices despite the numerous and varied complicated attempts to shirk our blame. Blaming those who feel the sting of our choices is cowardly and beyond contempt. Helping others out of their destitute is the proper response. Those of us who have the ability to do something positive, which is every single one of us, have a duty to do so. Why? Because it is what humans do! If you want to be something other than human then continue on living in an illusion. There is no escaping who we are. So when I see others who are blaming everything under the sun for their actions I am angered. The excuses roll out of them like a waterfall. Nothing they have done is their fault. They wish the rest of us to believe that they are better than the rest of us and we should just take them at their word. I cannot and will not associate with nor allow them around me, those who see others as their problem. The only ones with a problem are the ones who cannot treat others with dignity and common respect. The ones with a problem with others are the ones who have no dignity themselves. They have no inner code of honor that is measurable. They will always be the victim regardless of the circumstance or situation they find themselves embroiled in. It sickens me that such cowardly ones have so much influence in our society. A breed of cowards has taken to blaming others for their own lack of courage. I for one am ashamed to be of the same species with these awful ones. It is a stain that steals from our humanity and leaves the rest of us with less optimism than we should have. The time for making our choices with conviction and without blaming others is here and those who continue to fail at the call will continue to get my building wrath.

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