Sunday, December 28, 2014

Why I am a Democrat (#2158)

Because first and foremost I have compassion. I care that our problems are harmful and need to be addressed with the understanding that human misery should not be part of the equation. This is the single most different vision I have with Republican politics. That I care to end the institutional inequality we have allowed through law to exist which is mainly promoted by conservative capitalists, and supported by Republican politicians, who are driven more by their own greed than they are by the health and welfare of our whole citizenry. Stopping it is another reason I am a Democrat. I am for national policies aimed at not only lifting our poorest and most disadvantaged out of their existing misery but to also give them the chance to raise their children with greater access to knowledge, through schooling programs they are able to attend, and health and welfare programs aimed at allowing them to move beyond their current meager and hopeless existences. I go on and on about how bad Republican policies are and their complete lack of empathy to the existing problems. Republicans are about having a greater society, but they have no remedy for those who get left behind. We Democrats are about leaving no one behind and while we continue to forge ahead with science and logic, we also reach back with a hand outstretched to help along those who were not given the same opportunities to succeed. We Democrats know we have a duty to make our society right and ignoring the wrong that has already taken place is a Republican strategy, not a Democrat one. So while Republicans think we coddle the poor, we know we are not allowing them to fail without offering hope. Democrats aren't concerned so much with profit that we are willing to leave poverty as a status quo. Instead we are more willing to have less profit if poverty is addressed and alleviated with real life solutions. This is just part of why I am a Democrat. My curious nature about all that I don't know is another reason but for now it will have to wait for another blog posting.

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