Monday, January 26, 2015

A reed blowing in the wind (#2187)

If you listen long enough to those who would give their self perceived valued opinion at any excuse eventually you will find that their valued opinion changes with different circumstances. The most obvious example is when it affects someone else it is one thing, if the same thing affects them well it is quite another thing. They let the circumstances and situations in life dictate what their opinion of things are depending upon whom and when the affect comes about. A rather nice ability to tell other people positively what to do while being able to say something entirely different when the situation changes. They express that different times bring out different opinions. Well different times do bring out different opinions but they should not bring out different opinions about the same subject from the same person. If you are going to give your opinion about a subject then at least have the courage to know what you are talking about. Some will say a thing absolutely should be done and then later those same people will say that a thing should absolutely not be done. Our opinions about principles should not change. Either it is an honorable principle or it is a dishonorable one, but not both. Choose which you will support and then don't be hypocritical in backing it. I know that this existence is complicated, especially with all the disinformation purposely and, unfortunately legally, being disseminated. Which is a wholly different problem than the one I am writing about now. Regardless of complications however, our basic principles should be able to sail us through all the twists and turns of confusion. As long as we remain true to them they will be our safe harbor. A reed blowing in the wind is analogous to someone who has no respect for their principles when they have ulterior motives to gain from.

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