Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Becoming Intelligent is our only hope to save our democracy. (#2188)

Limiting and controlling education is the number one priority of those who would like to see our democracy become less, and authoritarian and plutocratic rule become more. The travesty is that those who are doing this, a cabal of wealthy egomaniacs, are not being held accountable for it. They have invested in our politics so many like minded acolytes that the presumption of their guilt is being masked by some weird demented form of christian fundamental patriotism. Enough of their followers who find that exclusion is preferable to inclusion are making enough hateful noise that they have effectively scared off otherwise decent human beings from joining in the political process. There is still hope that the message of degrading democracy will catch on with the majority of us but the cost keeps getting higher the longer we wait to flush out these nefarious forces and bring our country's politics back to equality and justice for all. We must continue to preserve our learning institutions that are not established as a primary force for profit but are established for teaching our citizenry theories and facts without the ulterior motive of control and profit. If the learning process is subjective we lose our ability to think outside our imaginations. If our learning process is comprehensive and objective then we get young minds that can distinguish between the light and the shadows of complexity. Our imaginations can then roar into our future with innovation and modernity. Right now is the great struggle between the forces that would curtail our imaginations and those that would enhance them. There is no sitting this great battle out if you at all care about what our country's future holds for not only ourselves at this time but for the future of our next generations.

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