Monday, January 19, 2015

Everyday is fight for equality and justice day (#2180)

This much we have learned. Notwithstanding a current majority conservative US Supreme Court which somehow sees the battle over racial tensions finished, among other unequal and unjust visions through it's lens', however, we here in reality have a different view. We see American citizens and political representatives openly flaunting racial segregation and intolerance. So for us today to be celebrating the life of a man, yes a human man, who gave his life to murderers who would not heed his call for equality and justice is just an extension of what we, the many less influential do everyday in our lives. We celebrate the ideals Martin Luther King demanded for all of us, even those who tried and succeeded in silencing him. Today is a day for making it perfectly clear that injustice and inequality are not to be allowed. So it will be for tomorrow for me and many others who know that the quality of a humans life is not based upon appearance or geography, but upon character and honor. So again we say to those, who like the conservative members of our US Supreme Court, stop looking to justify inequality and injustice and instead become a champion of defeating it's very existence. I know I will give my effort for the cause since to live and die for a noble cause is greater than to live and die for an ignoble one. I don't know all there is to know about existence or life after death, but I do know that the path of my life is my choice to live and the record of it if any will reflect the best of my humanity. That is my purpose and just the thought of that makes me smile and experience happiness. After all, our great country was in theory, although not so much in practice at the time, envisioned to allow for us all the pursuit of happiness was it not?

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