Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I wish I could do more... (#2168)

I keep thinking about how short a human lifespan is and all the things that need to be done for our next generations to build from and it frustrates me. Especially elected politicians who think that doing nothing is their job. As embarrassing and shameful as that is I still wish I could do more to change the injurious paradigms we now suffer through without giving much thought to changing. We all are to blame for being without a sense of urgency when it comes to consistently pushing for a better world to live in. I am not saying that we wouldn't try harder if given the opportunity but until we get the opportunity we seem to be static in our nonchalance objections. I have my blog here which very few read but still some do and that is a chance for me to spur us on to greater activity in all walks of our lives. I no longer condone people who willingly choose to ignore or hide from the fact of poverty and hunger. I no longer associate with people who can't or won't understand my frustration with poor education and health care opportunities. And I won't speak or interact with family and friends who are not aware of or instigate racial animosity. I do what little I can by standing up for equal justice and fairness. In every part of my being and every part of my life. There is no place in my life for any who accept ambivalent association among the worst of who we are. Shunning is all I have as a tool to make anyone know that I disapprove of hateful and harmful behavior. No one elected or anointed me as the conscience or guide of anyone's life, but since too many refuse to look reality in the eye I will bring reality with me everywhere I go so that no one may have an excuse of not knowing where I stand on every issue that we as a community of citizens of the world have within our grasp to change for the better.

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