Sunday, January 4, 2015

My subconscious is my sovereign (#2165)

I can always tell when I am off track in my life by the dreams I have after I wake. The message is clear if the story of the dream is not. Always within the story is a clear moral for me to address. My subconscious is my sovereign. Nothing becomes more clear to me by way of expression than something that stems from within me. I could get the same message from someone else in whatever setting and it would not have the same powerful impact I get from a dream plot with it's many twists and turns. It is as if the perspective needed by me to understand the moral becomes vividly clear through the dream process. This is another proof if needed by me that I have a good and honest soul. My inner self uses my outer actions to correct and establish honorable protocols for me to inculcate. That old saying that we are not perfect beings does not refer to my subconscious. My subconscious has been consistently perfect in it's directing me to live a continually better life. Using the same observation formula that Aristotle become famous for, ie... self examination as a tool for understanding humanistic behavior in general, I can honestly say that we all must have the capacity to be led by our own subconscious. We have to learn that we are survivors and long for life as a species so our internal strengths are conditioned to help us, not hinder us in that endeavor. So trusting our subconscious with being a guiding force for our own good is a reasonable assumption. The tricky part is when we do have our dreams of disjointed plot twists, we must remember that embedded in the plot twists is some morality that is trying to use the totality of the dream to reinforce some conscious action on our part. I have become an old hand at deciphering this and although my dreams are wild and fascinating, they always leave me with a humility that I need to impress on my own waking life.

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