Saturday, January 17, 2015

Oxygenating the outer space (#2178)

This isn't some science fiction idea that came from some comic book or low budget movie, it is just an idea that is floating around in my head. Surely many others have had this same thought and I am not claiming to be it's originator. However I will give word to it beyond me. While our society currently is wrestling over the overwhelming fact of climate change and the effect of pollution in our own atmosphere, we are not thinking and creating new advances into turning our outer space into breathing space. Could it not be one possibly in some fashion to start a chain reaction from introducing a catalyst into the void that would spread much like a virus to change the void from emptiness into something? I am sure that the science necessary to do so will not be explained here nor the actual catalyst needed to interact with the void in a way that generates the necessary atmosphere for we animals to breathe. But the idea of it will be expressed here if only for the hope that some day, when we humans are not squabbling over legitimate concerns we should be acting on, wasting time and energy in the process, we will be working on the true puzzles in this existence. Think about it, if space were transformed into breathable air then the idea of space travel becomes less a puzzle. The current laws of physics are barriers of course but what we don't know yet may become the new pieces of the puzzle that could help us overcome and modify existing laws of physics. This blog is entitled Man of Hope, well, here is to hoping that nothing will ever stop the inquisitive nature of humanity in our quest to know and understand the now unknowable and misunderstood. Outer space with breathable air, first we think it could happen then we work to make it happen. While we dream we should also clean our own air and not be fighting about whether to do it.

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