Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Riches from the heart (#2181)

Like many here in America, riches are monetary and consumer driven. For the most part most of us are chasing the dollar in order to keep up with our own and others' expectations for us. I myself have been on that treadmill, slowly advancing and then slowly falling back until I finally just got off of it. Now when I think of riches I think of kindness and sacrifice. The noble things we do for each other that remind me everyday of just how special a species we are. Now I don't live in a vacuum, I know that there are many examples of people harming others and causing others to suffer, yet not so much in my little world where I have a greater impact on what does happen around me. I do not allow despicable actions and shady characters to be part of what life span I have left. That is the key for me. I cannot do anything to anyone to change their illogical minds except one thing, keep them from my live. Those who remain are the ones who also feel like I do. We see the world as a place we have to find a niche within but not necessarily to continue what is wrong with it. We are smart enough to know that ignorance, intolerance and selfishness are bad things that are not what we have chosen to partake of. Instead we find happiness in the small things in life, The ordinary is fun again. I actually look forward to completing any project, yes, even taking care of the trash. I may not be the wisest man nor the most creative man but I am consistent in my chosen way of life and for that I am very happy. No amount of monetary or consumer accumulation will ever compete with that. Smiles and good vibes are better for me and my psyche. I have only one life and it is in a constant countdown toward it's finish. How I live my life and who I allow in my life reflects what is best in me, not what is expected of me nor demanded. Riches from the heart make me happy.

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