Sunday, January 25, 2015

Shifting reality (#2186)

What does it take for one person to be able to shift a broken reality to a better one? First it takes an awareness that the existing reality is broken. Understanding the problem and what causes it is the first step toward crystallizing a comprehensive view of how the reality got broken and what keeps it broken. Once one has a clear idea as to what is causing the problem and what is keeping and continuing the problem, it is then possible to go to the next step. Which is finding a solution to the problem that not only ends the brokenness but increases opportunity and justice. It isn't enough to say that "do no harm" is a solution. Doing no harm is just a place to start from. It must also have a component that adds to our evolutionary future. We humans are an incredible force within the known Universe. Our capabilities are constantly being upgraded to who knows what end. Our physical prowess continues to shatter previous benchmarks established through record keeping. Our mental acuity is even outdistancing our physical capabilities, with advances in logic and science. Knowing this, we must have a mindset that includes our advances in any reality that is to replace the current paradigms that are slowly but surely becoming archaic. It isn't ordained on any one person who will be the one who eventually unlocks the door to our new and better reality so we all must make ourselves available to actually being the one if that moment arrives for us. This isn't about ego or psychopathy, it is about being human and doing what we humans do best, imagine, think and create. Surely we are limited in our overall abilities to master all things but that is now and not what I see in our future. Our species is amazing and anything I can do to make it that much more amazing is my purpose for living. The honor to be a possible foundation piece toward our next evolutionary leap is humbling and in humility I find a perfect peace.

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