Friday, January 23, 2015

The wear down effect (#2184)

When I was young and saw all the work that needed to be done I was ready and willing to change our world into a better place. But instead what happened is that at every opportunity for me to effect change I ran into opposition in one form or another, with the chaotic effect of thwarting change from happening. I am not sure it was some grand conspiracy but instead I now think it was just that the institutions in place resist change so much and with such an endurance that we who try to change our world for the better are simply worn down through our inability to usurp the forces against change. I realize now that to change paradigms it takes a self-sacrificing sustained and uncompromising fortitude to endure for change just as hard if not harder than the forces protecting the status quo. The problem is that change for the better is founded upon the will of people whereas the resistance to change crowd get their strength through money and power. As long as the crowd that protects against change has most of the power and economic resources we the people will find our efforts are often thwarted, leaving us demoralized. The wear down effect is what I feel. Not only worn down from the resistance but left questioning my resolve for even trying. I start to feel like I should just join many others and accept the existing broken paradigms and try to get something out of life regardless of how unfair it is to too many. But then I sense within me a disgust, an unacceptable compromise to join in with those who have given in to not fighting against institutional harm. A resurgence again fills my spirit and I am ready again to face off with the status quo crowd and drive home my renewed boldness to stop injustice and inequality. Apparently my life will never be one of a white picket fence with the love a family at my side. I am destined to fight for honorable principles. I have won that battle of recognition and am now fully vested in staring down the forces that would make all our lives less than instead of more than.

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