Wednesday, February 11, 2015

At the age where getting to the point is crucial (#2203)

Nothing in my life nowadays is worth wasting time on. When I was younger and dumber than I am now I was of the mindset that time was infinite. As I look in the mirror and reflect on where the hell did time go, I know that nothing is infinite especially time for me. So all that I do nowadays is succinct and to the point. The idea of subtlety is not a priority especially when it involves the truth. I don't consider hurting or not hurting someone's feelings at the expense of the truth to be much of a factor. Surely in moments of crisis and such subtlety is necessary but for the run of the mill daily adventures we humans find ourselves in there is no time like right now. Such it is in my public life and my personal life. The hard truth is the better tonic than a "don't hurt their feelings" lie. Also, in the personal arena it is better to get to the point with relationships than to "beat around the bush" with childish behavior. I am hardening up as I get older and that is a good thing. Now I am not a rock but I have little tolerance for the worst of our natures. We control what we can be and to make excuses or accept outdated paradigms as our guides is intolerable to me. That is my choice. So let reality exist as it is without us being afraid to own it. Life really is too short and not living our lives with a sturdy determined desire to experience it then what is the point? I have not forsaken my care for ourselves and all things but I have no time to waste on disingenuous emotions, thoughts or acts. I want to call everything in my life what it is without the apprehension that I will offend or lose out because I said it like it is. I accept that others will not want to hear what goes against their grain such as it is but I can't be swayed by those who refuse to be logically objective, they only slow me down and cause me to waste time, which is expressed by this posting as NOT to be allowed.

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