Saturday, February 7, 2015

Being (#2199)

This is such a difficult paradigm for me to explain about who I am and why I am. I know the who I am for the most part but the why I am is still just a mystery. The who is what is best about me and how I reflect that out to everyone to see. The why is what I have decided to make of myself as a purpose based upon what I know about me. Surely the why is open to different observations with many suggestions available. So instead of wrangling with all the possibilities I am comfortable enough in just examining my traits and applying them as best they are utilized. So the why of me is what I have decided makes the most sense given my biological advantages. Again, I am a biological data processor, with memory and the ability to rationalize, analyze and conclude. My senses give me information for me to turn into knowledge. I, like all of us, am a supreme sensory subject with amazing logical comprehension. Not only that but I am alive and dependent upon my own ability to keep me so. What is even beyond that is my curious nature to explore and discover. So I don't need to be programmed I just think and imagine and then develop an idea. Given what I know and applying it to what could be gives me the ability to find new means of utility. I am not just some plant or animal incapable of survival without direct help. I am a member of the species human being. which is the mightiest species in terms of capabilities ever to have been known to exist. All of that to give us an overview of who we are in relation to any possible reason for why we exist. If we have such capabilities then it suggests very adamantly that we are to use our special natural skills to their greatest efficiency. We also have an emotional component that I call compassion, or more readily, care. With a robotic like ability to discover through the abilities of our curiosity we are also given many levels of love into which we define the soul within of each of us. Being, more than my simple post can describe in one sitting.

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