Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Conform or break the mold (#2202)

There seems to be no short supply of those of us who are willing to conform to whatever process has been laid out in front of us. We feel a duty to conform to what others have decided is best without us knowing the wherewithal of the decision making processes behind it. A sort of blind trust given to those who are more powerful and louder than we are. I get that because life is more complicated than ever and some things need to be left to the system we have in place to help guide our thoughts and actions. But when is it necessary to question the system for it's decisions if ever? I simply apply a protocol to anything that seems irregular to me, does it do no harm? Usually that one little question reveals a massive amount of information for me to base a decision. Second, if the do no harm is not enough to objectively allow me to see my unsettled feeling about whatever is troubling me then I ask does it do the greatest good. Those are my general questions I ask when a policy or a political vision has me scratching my head over it's utility. There is also a specific question I ask when it comes to me or someone personal to me. Must I defy a preferred law in order to save myself or someone close to me knowing that overall the law is better than not having it. Do I nullify what I can see is right generally in order to solve something that is specific? Yes is the answer for me. I will intervene and break the law if it means that a moral dilemma is solved positively. I of course will not deny my wrongdoing, and I will make myself available for any punishment that breaking the law calls for. Yet in my soul I will have done what is right even though I am considered a law breaker. It is the way of our society to maintain a duty to it regardless of any consequence I must face and that is how it should be until we can make better more flexible laws.

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