Sunday, February 22, 2015

Doubt is not the same as fear (#2214)

Having a doubt about something or being hesitant to act on something is not actual fear, it is a caution to act that needs more information in order to have a considered opinion. Fear is the inability to act when knowing full well that an act is required on your part. The "frozen effect" or an unwillingness to stand up for oneself or others, that is fear. I often have doubts about what will come and how things will end up but I don't let my doubts stop me from acting. I may want to hide my head in the sand and let the events of the day just have their way with me but I won't do it out of a respect for my own individual right to choose how I live. If being the master of my own destiny makes me feel uncomfortable or not connected to a safe harbor then so be it. Reality dictates the events that confront my life not me dictating to reality what events will confront my life. The whirligig of circumstance is at it's own pleasure whether driven by coincidence or manipulation. However it ends up at my door I cannot let the factors of it displace me from acting according to my own sense of right and wrong. I cannot allow anything to bully or persuade me against my own judgment, regardless of the consequence. Nothing in life will protect me from unfairness or harm unless I am willing to stand up to it in all areas of my life. Being afraid or scared through fear is how many would like you and I to react to their conniving. But as much as fear is their greatest weapon we allow them to use, I will not do so myself. I will stand firm against their threatening efforts to "herd" us one way or another. Although I may have doubts about what to do that is right in all cases I am sure that me being more informed before I act is the proper thing to do. Never shall I give in to the temptation to run from a fight out of a convenience. Fear is not to be allowed to succeed when the hesitation of doubt can be overcome with a greater understanding.

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