Sunday, February 8, 2015

Human life is not property (#2200)

That I even have to say this is unfathomable in this modern time yet it needs to be said because too many sick minded souls are in positions of power within our society. There seems to be a a stale remnant of folks who believe that the survival of the fittest theory is one to be followed, as long as it is in their favor. A greedy sick minded lot that has taken what our society provided for them and turned it against those that would have the same opportunities. Like freedom of one's own body for the purpose of self determination. These unhealthy ones have allowed their egos to rule their lives and as such they see others as products or services just waiting to be used at their discretion. Instead of honoring human life and respecting individual choice within the framework of our civilized society, they want a chaotic wild west society where the rich and powerful control all things, including human life. So instead of advancing principles of modernity within our society, these folks have chosen to abandon core democratic ideals and push for more authoritarian ones. It is as if the ego these folks allow to exist would rather separate the many of us and use us like cattle, to be harvested when profitable and desirous. The sickness they are under is too strong for them to see the error of their thinking so they fight and claw to keep their decaying fever continuing. I used to think that we Americans had a special quality of righteousness and goodness about us that would never allow such a mentality of debasement to exist but I see that an elevated honor to protect the innocent and punish those who create and expand harm is not one of our valued qualities. In fact, it seems that we are less honorable in this area than I would ever have imagined.

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