Thursday, February 5, 2015

I accept who I am with a smile (#2197)

No one is more critical of me than I am on myself. I actually spend too much time critiquing my thoughts and actions against hindsight. A flaw I need to address. Yet it is instinctive of me to see how I measure up against my own sense of right and wrong. But what I have addressed over time is the fact that I am me and no amount of me wanting to be more like someone else is ever going to happen. My life is complex and adjusting and following through on what I think should be done is busy enough work for me. I am not despaired or despondent that my life is what it is, in fact I am reasonably happy that I have such a good mental health approach to my passions and my hopes. When measured against others I am not the greatest nor the worst. I am somewhere in between those two extremes. My life is mine and for that I have a great sense of obligation to it. I do not look to others to see what they have or what they are doing, instead I look inside myself to see what I have and what I am doing. I have all I need to decipher what is going on around me. I have an open mind and an initial respect for all things and beings. I treat others as I would have them treat me. I do no harm to anyone, including myself, as a goal. Sometimes I fail to treat others like I want to be treated and sometimes I harm others but not as an intentional thought or act. I do the best I can with what I have and I keep learning more and more to help me understand our most creative and innovative selves. My life is open for others to see and there is little I won't discuss in hopes of positively impacting the lives of those who are in contact with me. I like myself and who I have become. Really, what more could I ask for? :)

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