Friday, February 13, 2015

I have faith in honor, respect and humility (#2205)

When asked what I believe I respond with I have faith in our better natures. I have the results of the better nature of humanity in my own life. There are bright and clear memories in my life, no matter how long in the past they occurred, that are sacred and molded me into the man I am today. Some of these memories were crafted by persons of little distinction but nonetheless as powerful as any person could be as an example. I truly am a defender of the human species in all our forms against the vile that would demean and subject us because as a species I have seen our magnificence and humility in numerous ways which have touched my very soul to the core. The breach in the wall of my inner defenses is eternal now. I have no more time for the caution and fear of cynicism. I know what we all have inside us, the makings of a superb human being. Yet we are all so chaotic about how we find it within us to be such a person. The problem occurs when we fail to trust what is best about us. We think that being the great person we are inside leaves us vulnerable to those who would take advantage of our majesty. So instead we hide behind familiar walls of protection so as not to leave ourselves vulnerable. I get that and for too long my own pride kept me from being honest and open about my need to live as an honorable man. I now know that such silliness on my part was just fear, and having defeated my fear to be a real human being is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have clarity of purpose now and a stubborn willingness to express my principled conviction in the face of indifference and incorrectness. These are the things I place my faith in, humanity and it's better nature. I am so proud of us as human beings and could be even more proud if we would just set aside what is not best about us and concentrate on what is.

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