Friday, February 27, 2015

Neoliberalism, look behind what Republicans call it, to what harm it actually does (#2219)

In yesterday's post I showed that Republican "right to work" legislation is really just a name to fool folks into thinking the legislation actually is a good thing. It is not, it is a name designed to disguise the fact that the wealthy want the workers to make less than they are now. The same concept of taking a name that sounds like it is for the betterment of us all has been a trick Republicans having been using for decades. In the 1970's Republicans started a reform movement called Neoliberalism, A term stolen from it's original intent back in the 1930's, because it sounds like it is a more updated take on regular liberalism, but in fact it is something completely different under the Republican middle class destroying intent. Neoliberalism is right along the lines of "right to work", otherwise truthfully known as cheap labor, It is a massive deregulation and market forces purity test that benefits the owners and not the workers nor the general public. So hearing the term, right to work or Neoliberalism one would think that these are good policies for workers but on the contrary, they are policies and concepts that further diminish worker rights and public safety. This is why we always need to look beyond the catch phrase title of a policy or philosophy being offered to see what the policy or the philosophy is actually intended to do. There is no safe harbor in a name or title as a reassurance or belief that can be taken just by it's name as I have shown these last two days. My rule of thumb for the last many decades has been to be skeptical of everything Republicans offer by way of policy since I know their agenda is to help the wealthy few either keep their wealth or to increase their wealth at the expense of the vast majority of us working folks. Democrats have been far more helpful as the party that either protects the workers or increases our opportunities for a better life but regardless, I check them all for more than the name they attach to the legislation they are trying to turn into law.

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