Saturday, February 21, 2015

People are not commodities (#2213)

This whole economic monster we have created is being morphed into a Leviathan that chews up and spits out a majority of humanity to serve the wishes of a too few cabal of individuals and groups. The fact is that capital entrepreneurialism has taken over the leadership of society even displacing democracy as the number one sanctified paradigm. It seems that making money is more important that living in a just and free society. The only way this could be happening is if we citizens lack the will to fight against the forces of greed and have lost our courage to put down those who would take our pursuit of happiness and make it their own. Now some may say that they have enough to be happy but what is left after the wealthy few have taken the most is barely sufficient for some and only table scraps for most. Why would we allow this to happen to ourselves where we are competing against ourselves for leftovers when the few wealthy are feasting on the best of what we have become? The master/servant paradigm is becoming our new/old reality. How is it that we could regress in just a few generations from liberating the world through a hard fought blood and guts determination from fascists, to being such weak souls who are scared of our own shadows? The will to preserve the mighty victories over subjugation won by our forefathers/mothers is now just insignificant in our more important lives. What could be more important in our lives that would allow us to be taken over by the forces of greed? Hopefully it is just not being aware, but even that speaks to the insignificance we are willing to give our history and respect for what those in the past have given us. If it has more to do with us being disinterested then we have a bigger problem. Either way we are about to lose our democracy and in it's place we are allowing ourselves to become commodities in a market where the wealthy few decide what our happiness will be.

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