Sunday, February 1, 2015

The anxiety of loss (#2193)

This is an unavoidable subject. Even the expectation of loss is devastating. By loss I mean of a life that matters to us personally. Now I want it to be clear that even loss of life to those lives I have never met leave an indelible mournful imprint on my soul. But for now the loss of someone or some soul that is precious to us has a lingering gut punch feel to it. But even before the loss occurs we go through some form of anxiety as to the dangers out there that could easily deprive us of our desired companionship, A sort of protective mindset becomes our natural conclusion for a solution but in this real world of ours there is no way we can protect from any life the imminent destiny of death. So instead of worrying about loss that has not happened yet, we can judiciously allow for fate to have it's way while celebrating the life that would move on from our existence. Fear is the penultimate guardian of our anxiety yet fear is not the only arbiter available. Joy that we actually have the opportunity to be alive and knowing full well that it is not of our doing that we exist, should be enough to assuage fear from guiding an initial anxiety into a worrisome lifestyle, and instead allow the anxiety to pass with the knowledge that the precious time we have is best left to living with happiness. My life in particular has been an enormous gift to me from something outside my understanding. The mysteries of this existence will not be answered by me in my lifetime but the knowledge that I don't need to worry about it is sufficient. I have had some great souls exist with me for a time and now they are not here anymore. I accept that and accept the loss of it as well. Yet to live in anxiety over the loss of someone now still with me is not honoring them now nor is it healthy for me.

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