Saturday, February 14, 2015

The journey to being a good person keeps me going (#2206)

I know I am heading in the right direction but not so sure about where I will end up. Regardless though, for me it is in the how I live my life and not so much what I have achieved. Being a good person is simple enough if we dedicate ourselves to doing so. Most people think they are good people and right they are in a lot of ways but to be a good person in most all ways, one must really focus on what one is doing all the time. You can't just say that most of the time you are a good person while some of the time not being one and still consider yourself to be a good person. It doesn't work out in an equation that just involves quantity, it also involves quality. Like those who are suffering from oppressive political actions by an oppressive political party yet continue to vote for the political oppressors. That is absurd and less than good, even if everything else you do is good and welcoming. For one thing it is contrary to goodness for you to vote for ones who have harm as their intention. Secondly it is for all the others who also must suffer for your decision to put or keep those in political power who fail at being good. This really is simple folks, it doesn't take a highly evolved education to understand. When some folks continue to harm it is not to be allowed. Simple enough. Being good is when you feel good about yourself and good about others in equal amounts. You know you have hit upon a balance that is fair and equitable. This has been the path I have been traveling, not just to be a good person but to be a good person to as many as possible while remaining good to me. it is a journey that will take all of my life to complete but it will be fulfilling and rewarding because in the final analysis, being good is a state of mind and if that isn't the state of mind that everyone wants to attain then it sucks to be them.

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