Saturday, February 28, 2015

The rotten cancer conservative Republicans are infecting our democracy with (#2220)

From diminishing voting rights to diminishing rights for women and folks of color, Republicans are hell bent on establishing the wealthy in our country as the only group that deserves unlimited rights. From the corruptible decisions by conservatives on the supreme court that legalize that corporations are people to money is speech, to the restrictions on our human rights to protest and have representatives that reflect our constituencies, Republicans are destroying what equality and fairness mean within our constitution. There is an illness in our politics that has been allowed to grow and fester and now we are seeing the manifestation of it. Republicans have infiltrated an irrational surreal reality upon us to replace our pragmatic one. Most all of us expect logic and common sense to be the starting point for our leaders yet we are lucky if Republicans can even climb up to that starting point in their advocacy for policies. Nothing about the Republican party is a shining example of seriousness to our current problems. Their utter lack of gravitas is the normal for them. The worm will turn soon enough as we must endure another term before elections again with them. If this is how they are going to govern, which I have been yelling about for decades, then hopefully enough citizens who are still allowed to vote will send them packing. We need honest and real leaders who not only care about our society but also about the majority of the citizens within it. What will happen over this 2 year term will expose the cancer our society is experiencing and with some rational thinking I hope we will cut it out at it's source and move our nation forward without it.

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