Monday, February 23, 2015

Why won't Republicans vote to extend equal rights to women? (#2215)

From the equal rights act that is still not ratified to the unfairness in pay women experience compared to men for doing the same work, I cannot understand why Republicans refuse to offer solutions to these obviously denigrating problems women face. You would think that since every man has a mother to thank for his very existence that it would be inherent within him to do everything to make a mothers life here in America at least equal to his. Since it is only Democrats who are working to make women equal it begs the question as to why Republican men and women don't offer their ideas toward a solution for women. It appears that in the vacuum provided by Republicans in not offering a solutions it is for me and others to question Republican motives. I have not heard any response from them that would lead me to believe they are working toward equal rights for women. So I must assume that they are not working toward equal rights for women. If not then, why? I can further assume that they think that equal rights for women is not needed given the laws we have on the books now except that those laws do not provide equal rights for women with men. So that is not it. If they still think that women are are legally equal with men then they are illogical. To be illogical in the face of facts denotes a further ulterior motive since rational people must accept facts as truth. So to continue it seems that Republican men and women see another purpose to keep women in a lower legal standing than men. There must be some benefit to the Republicans that keeping women as lesser legal souls gives them. Surely women are more democratic in their politics and women are also pioneers in a just and fair society. Could it be that Republicans are afraid that giving women equal rights will destroy the political power that Republicans crave above being good stewards of our democracy?

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