Thursday, March 5, 2015

A better life not a harder one! (#2225)

It seems these day that those of the Republican party that are in office support punishing policies instead of helpful ones. The whole point of having a government is to support it's citizenry, not harm it! Those that have chosen to be brutish in their cruel leadership are not worthy of being leaders in our country. I say that as an ideal since it seems that our citizenry is too confused to know this since they either don't show up to vote or are intentionally too uncaring to understand basic governing principles in a free society. We need a society that is reflected in the Democrat party. One where both the owners and workers get a fair shake at process. Both will prosper when the government sets policies that honor labor as much as they honor entrepreneurship. I am not saying that profit from the venture is split evenly, but what I am saying is that the workers need to be able to have living wages that give them the opportunity to improve their lives. Both can be winners in our capitalistic society as long as we set the protocols that factor in labor as an essential valued commodity. By being more inclusive to all who participate in commerce we are strengthening our society and it's values in a more harmonic and exemplary way. We Americans often pride ourselves in being the best of what humanity can be but lately our proof has been less than convincing. It is because we have those Republicans in power that do not respect each individual as being of equal character or worth when it comes to their survival of the fittest political philosophy. I am an American who sees the future through our Democrat party's vision of logically enlightened inclusiveness, fairness and with a duty to protect our most vulnerable, an intelligent loving family if you will. I will never surrender this position but instead will ardently advocate for it all the days of my life.

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