Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Breaking the molds (#2245)

This was the battle cry of my generation growing up. Too much of the cookie cutter philosophy that was expected of most of us. Not that some expectation of continuing important advancements wasn't proper and good, but too much of it was tradition and myth based, instead of enlightened progress. Each generation of human advancement comes in the form of finding a noble purpose for which to rally. Each generation must connect in some comprehensive way with the best of the generations before them. It is our link to the past and on into the future. Our present will determine the success of our resolve and nothing short of endurance will sustain it's possibility. But first, each generation must find it's identity and it's goal. What we have to help us is the knowledge that has been passed on from the beginning of our species' ability to communicate. I try in this blog to highlight the nature of our humanness and the abilities we possess in applying our nature to existence. We are probing biological data processors who are curious and caring, the two greatest natures our species has developed. We also have the ability to input information through our senses and the mental capability to store knowledge that has been processed in our brains through reason, analyzing and concluding. We are a most remarkable species and yet we have not yet even managed to tap our yet unknown potential. So allowing ourselves to stay in the comfort of illusion is not an option for so noble a species as we. Any mold that has endured through time has to be reconciled with the ever changing dynamic of our increased logic and common sense. No mold is meant to remain as an absolute when nothing in life has that capability. We are all going to be different in a constant way not unlike our universal surroundings. So each generation must find it's purpose and then spend the rest of it's existence advancing that purpose. Destiny awaits!

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