Sunday, March 29, 2015

Building up instead of tearing down (#2249)

This is what we should be doing in our public lives and our private lives. There are too many people who cause too much trouble for no other reason than to make life more difficult. It is as if they have a vendetta against improving life and for whatever tormented reason they wish worse than better for those not them. Their is nothing more discouraging than to have some souls work against what is best for everyone. Sometimes we need to tear down to recreate better and that is understood but not tearing down just so that something good is destroyed. Progress is a natural and expected journey we are all on so when some divert from progress out of some need other than betterment we get what we have today, people who want less of good because they cannot abide good as a result. There must be some sort of self loathing that triggers it but why that is so is not my forte. I have fought and defeated my personal demons and all it took was for me to let my own designs on life go and just live for whatever is best for all of us, not just me. I am truly a member of the human community because I accept all for who they are and act accordingly. Some are just unfathomable people and I, as just a simple man, choose to separate myself from them for my own sanity. I respect their lives as beings but not their thoughts as comforting or logical. Instead I choose to be around folks who appreciate progress and undoing harms that are more institutionalized than should be. Folks who want paradigms that reflect our enlightened thinking not our crass condescending thoughts. I like folks who build from the better and best of who we are not those who tear down that better and best. It is simple for me, those who see our world through the lens of improving the wrongs are my friends, those who see the world as the next step in a long line of steps going forward are my friends. those who want to build a better world with us are the ones who I admire and hope to emulate.

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