Saturday, March 7, 2015

Denial as a strategy against the truth or facts (#2227)

This is the most childish of behaviors. I remember when I was a very young boy I would just say that I didn't believe anything that was against what I wanted. It wasn't based on common sense or logic but instead on me wanting to get my way. That was me being obnoxious and illogical. I have learned over the years that regardless of what I want the truth and facts of things will always win out no matter how long it takes. But the lesson within the lesson here is that there are some folks who have decided that time is to there benefit in this equation. If they deny long enough they hope to get the benefit of getting their way despite the lack of common sense or logic in their position. It is a strategy to forestall the truth or facts in order to benefit themselves in some way. So in the bigger picture, they deny the logic and common sense of a situation in order to benefit themselves through a nefariously logical strategy. I would laugh if it wasn't so harmful to the rest of us so that they could benefit. Everything has a cost/benefit analysis to it. So by them using logic to undermine logic and common sense is even more of an assault on not only us but on enlightenment. They make a mockery of how we honestly communicate with each other. It is despicable and vile but it seems that overall we allow it to happen. I have been embarrassed by it for the length of my thinking life yet my, and many others, calling it out doesn't seem to stop it's perpetual usage. Many of us have even narrowed it down to a conservative Republican party that has the bulk of it's policies rooted in the absurd notion that giving the few most of the resources will somehow make us a better society. So in essence Republicans brutally claim that taking from the many to give to the few is going to make the many better off. They will not be challenged on their assertion regardless of how illogical or devoid of common sense their idea is. By ignoring facts and truths they have been able to come this far into controlling our democratic process and if allowed will soon make the idea of truth and facts seem like a fairy tale.

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