Monday, March 30, 2015

Fear is no boundary to me (#2250)

It has taken most of m life to realize that nothing should stop me from realizing my hopes and dreams. I know I am limited in many ways like I will never be able to travel around the Universe exploring and discovering like I really want to but that doesn't stop me from holding out hope for others who think like me. If I cannot be at the helm then I want to help produce the helm for the next dreamer. Life in this existence is easy to understand if you dedicate yourself to enlightenment and courage. Who doesn't want to be the next greatly admired soul to show the goodness of life? Only those who live in the shadow of fear unfortunately. Let me say this about fear. Some fear in general is a good thing as it instills a sense of pausing or caution in order to better assess a situation or endeavor. That is not the type of fear I am referencing. The fear I am talking about is that fear which thwarts us from the natural general curiosity we have within us. Curiosity is our genesis to move and learn. Curiosity is our most important trait in that it gives us the impetus to know. If we didn't know we would be like the all the other inanimate objects, just there without comprehension. So to allow for our curiosity to flourish, we cannot allow those things and people who would limit it. That is where our courage comes into play. Courage is not just a naturally occurring phenomenon it is a developed action over time. Sure, some of it is instinctual, but most of it is calculated. We must first think about how we would react in generic situations so that when they occur our best actions are the ones we display. So it is with fear, we must first understand that fear is a defense mechanism designed to keep us safe as a general rule but in most cases fear is not our ally. It inhibits our curiosity without effecting a benefit for us. So move past your fear and discover life in it's fullness and allow your personality and character to define who you are, not your fears.

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